The pioneer of female chorus group best known in Japan was born and raised up by Masao Kojima, father of Makoto Kojima who naturally is very intimate brother and sisters since his childhood.

As we have had some occasions to join parties held by some others to sing together, we invited them to our own Christmas Party hosted by our group.

Three Graces, Michiru Maki and Oz Sons #6, 1997

Three Graces and Oz Sons #7 accompanied by Naoki Kitajima Quartet, 1999

Then prior to the trio's 1999 concert they told us "might be OK to sing one song or may be two with us on stage" and decided to invited us to their concert as guest vocal group which was actually a debut of our group - trio #7 at that time.

That great opportunity brought our amateur group guts to sing on stage in publicHuge flower basket presented by Three Graces celebrating the THE OZSONS debut in concert at Kannai Hall held by Fumiko Suzuki sitting in the lobby of the hall. The performace at the concert is one of the biggest happenings which we experienced for the first time for our history.

The Three Graces' 2002 concert was held on October 9th at The Asahi Hall, Yuraku-cho which was so enjoyable filled with ingenious ideas for program.

The concert menu included many songs we do not usually listen to in our house. We believe they tried to squeeze freshness from their own repertoire.

We of course sent a extraordinary huge bouquet to celebrate their concert. The photograph left was attached to their thanks letter shown below. Thanks God!! none of us took any picture of it at all. We believe we should say thanks to Mr. Fujiwara, president of Agasus Co. for that photograph.