We should call it "live-in chorus training", full of laughing happenings like "Professor's T-shirt with front pocket on his back" accident.
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A pension "Morino-ie" (a hut in woods) in Oiwake, Karuizawa was re-built in 1999 where OJISANS & Their friends got together to sing-out-loud party.
Then-after we have the chorus camp every year regularly in holidays week in May or in summer holiday season. Shigeo Kurimoto during he lived in Taiwan and Makoto Kojima in Okinawa flew in only to join the camp. During camping small vocal jam session at Morino-ie is opened in the evening till mid-night inviting holiday makers in the pension and neighbor-hoods.
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When Makoto Kojima told them he got his company's "overseas" assignment in Okinawa, we called it "exiled to an island", the bad boys and girls were very pleased at the news and told him "Take it easy, we will be with you at any time", at the farewell party for him. The next year eight boys and girls including three professional musicians flew to Okinawa, one from Taipei, to comfort the exiled boy. What Makoto
Kojima set on his island to receive those boys and girls was sight-seeing tour to various places in the daytime, well done, and - to pay and perform live session at two of live houses in Naha he recently found after many tries and errors. We all wondered who to comfort and who to be comforted?

The photograph on the left is what's on today advertisement bill on the entrance door of the live house named Kam's House. The same one was in the restroom as well.
"Vo. Kojima & his clan" is funny enough.
Nobuo Hara, leader of Sharps & Flats Jazz Orchestra was in Naha previous week when the bill was seen by him by chance. Rubbing his eyes he said "Eriko Ohara!!, mmm…Could there be any chance my niece to be here in all probability?".
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The Camp for 23rd "Swing Is Here!" Concert, May, 2002
We rehearsed for a concert with Big Swing Jazz Orchestra on June 2, 2002 at Karuizawa.
May in Karuizawa is early spring.
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Chun Chun(solo) & Oz Sons(Back Chorus)? August 2002, at Morino-ie, Karuizawa

高峰高原にドライブ August 2002, at Morino-ie, Karuizawa


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Annual Camp at Mori-no-ie(Forest House), Aug. 22-24, 2003

OZ-SONS' Family