Fumiko Suzuki :

Our personal relationship with her has been very close and not long enough to tell within this space.

First occasion to sing together was at her own session at INDIGO when we voluntarily joined her for obbligato chorus for her ending theme "A lovely Way To Spend An Evening" which she loves most among the other tunes. She was amazed

She knows nothing about her dad who died a hero's death in Iwojima Island when she was so small. This large-minded lady having been performing both rolls of mother and farther of her children she is still expanding her career of professional jazz singer as she is so straightforward minded and openhearted to her fan, sponsors or whoever they are. To our surprise The Suzuki Fumiko Office has been completely independent, owned and operated by herself.
When we had first summer camp for training she said "Why don't I join it?" and she did then the professional singer she has been joining training camp of amateur group every year!! She has been doing too much for us therefore she is more than a member of ours.
The artistic portrait above was shot by one of our members, Kurimoto when we had live session in Okinawa during our camping there.

Fumiko Suzuk in everyday clothes, The Oz Sons #8 and Eriko Ohara(pf)

Another thing we should mention about her is why her skin is always dark. She was a platform diver in the swimming club when she was in Aoyama Gakuin Junior High School. After such life style she must be well suntanned all through the year, that is her hobby!! Ah, all through her body? Who asks her? None of us does!! You should note she recently started Kyokushin K-a-r-a-t-e training with her grand daughter.