She makes chorus arrangement, band score, piano support on stage and for training ? on professional standard in every respect which we all admire.

She is a niece of Nobuo Hara, leader of Sharps & Flats Jazz Orchestra, completed study in Kazuo Yashiro school.

For period of three years from April 1998 she was playing piano as co-owner of INDIGO luxurious piano bar in Nishi-Azabu. She gathered lot of customers - professional and amateur jazz players/singers, enthusiastic listeners, audio fan, wine freak, young and old couples/singles ……. really various people walked in to enjoy the place itself filled up with superb atmosphere equipped with perfect P.A. system. THE LURE, professional female chorus group was born from the atmosphere in this place!!
To everyone’s great regret INDIGO was closed down on the day of April Fool, 2001. Mr. Sugie of TIME FIVE together with trainees in his chorus school popped in for the first time on the last day knowing that the place will not be opened next day. It was rather strange to have seen them there but that was the firm proof that every body should miss the place.
She is a gourmet, good and tasteful drinker. She usually prefer red wine but for Japanese cuisine cold Sake should do more. She loves to have variety of food, bits and pieces, it doesn’t matter something rather odd but matching wine is a must. To fasten her mouth we should tell her “Let’s go to have a bite on the mountain” which is not easy thing to do at all. She loves climbing? No, that is what she hate!! The mountain is the place named after famous Korean mountain called Kin-ryu-san, Korean BBQ restaurant, always full, three weeks notice is not early enough for seat booking.