Yasushi Sawada is the master of jazz song for Kunihiro Wakayama. He has real expertise how to transplant his singing technique to his pupil with special teaching method logically easy to absorb. The professor teaching in university was attracted to learn from his friend.

Several years ago the pupils of Yasuishi Sawada Jazz Vocal School including Kunihiro Wakayama held their concert to present what they learned from their teacher, when Wakayama's got his turn to sing last tune for the concert, Ojisans without any advance notice suddenly popped up from their seats to joined Wakayama singing on stage. This planned accident really surprised not only audiences but also the pupils and Dolly Baker as well!!

According to the original plan Wakayama was set as last singer of the concert to sing "Satin Doll" the 2nd riff of which uses same code sequence of "Until I Met You".
Knowing the structure of both songs Makoto Kojima's idea was to give a surprise by punching the chorus "Until I Met You" in Wakayama's "Satin Doll" in the middle of the song all of a sudden, however, having listened to the idea the Wakayamafs teacher said "Why don't you do your favorite tune in its entirety".
We took "I'll Never Smile Again" up for chorus and at the second measure we got thunderous applause to our surprise.

Oz Sons #7 at the concert of Sawada Jazz Vocal School, Yutaka Yokoyama(b)
Quite recently the skin-head priest made announcement:"THE OZ SONS should take part in next recital of my own" in front of many people joining Roppongi Jazz Cruising. Wow!! Terrific!!

Yoshihiko Hosono(g) and subset of Oz Sons #8 at Cozy-L