The United States in 60' was full of acism and social instability. Salena Jones left the United States in '66 and immigrated into England. Thereafter the main stage for her activity has been in Europe, Asian country and Japan.

Her first visit of Japan was in 1978 since then she has been getting lots of fan year by year. Japan is the important site of her business where she naturally returns to every year.

Salena one day came across the web site http://www.ozsons.com/ opened and managed by one of our members Wakayama where she found introduction of herself and sent mail right away "This is Salena Jones....... " to the host. It was the happening unbelievable for him to receive e-mail from herself. They had been e-mail friend each other up until end of the year when they met in Japan to open genuine friendship,

In mid-90s she released CDs one after another on Victor label. Every one of those CDs are superb and the host wanted to claim his admiration in his web site. Salena seemed to be really delighted to have seen it straight away.

She sometimes shows a character of an innocent little girl who claims like "I need shabushabu-pot". . She got one as souvenir and brought it for her home with big smile - we could not ask her how she is going to prepare raw material for the pot in England but we are sure she has good idea for that. However when it comes to the music business she is a perfectly serious lady who does everything possible not only on stage but off stage as well keeping her physical condition perfect in order to reward the sponcers promoting her shows and of course the fan joining her concert.

Kurimoto, Salena and Kotori, Dec. 2001

Photograph above was taken by WakaG at the dinner hosted by Kurimoto (KuriG) taking care of English part of this web site and Kobari (Kotori). The photographer joined very late only to take the photograph. Having left hosting of dinner on two he attended wedding reception hosted by his good friends Akihito Kaneishi and Kimiko Jinnai while KuriG who once was resided in London enjoyed the dinner and chat with Salena.

In November 2001Salena inaugurated jazz club named "Salena Jones' Restaurant"which can accommodate about 200 customers in trendy area in west of London, Shepherd's Bush Green. WakaG has plan to visit England for international conference this summer and it will be a good chance to drop in this restaurant.

WakaG' has been there - see his report.

After the dinner we all went to Little Manuela on the 4th floor up above the restaurant we had dinner to enjoy reunion since 12 months singing some songs and having pleasant chat.

Surprisingly Freddie Cole, Nat Cole's younger brother came up there to see Mr. Godo, one of the customers waiting for him. Salena said "How come????" showing astonishing look as they have not met each other for two years. She naturally took advantage of the happening right away and told him about her restaurant in London where she asked for Freddie to have session.

Ms. Akiko Grace was there with Mr. Godo as well and those 3 prominent international jazz musicians there at the night agreed to have live session together some day. Should we believe such co-incidence happens again? Every body there was claiming that the World is really small. Salena was genius to play very sensitive role as the owner of live house.

Salena loves Coca Cola. She doesn't taste not only alcohol but also siggarette. She hates a glass fulfilled by ice rocks. Furthermore, she will be happy when bottle and glass are served seperately.

Salena Jones Restaurant
Japan Tour 2002