Message to Japanese Fans from Salena Jones (in Japanese)

I am very grateful to Kuni Wakayama for giving me the opportunity to record this personal message on his wonderful web-site and I am greatly complimented that he has featured Salena Jones on his site, in company with so many great artists.

  I have had a love affair now for over twenty years with Japan because it was in 1978 when I very first came there. Over that time I must have visited Japan nearly fifty times, and I have been all over the country - so you might just imagine a little of how much Japan means to me.

  I have had very many, countless, examples of kindness and generosity at my concerts and shows where so many people, and of all ages, have come to see me and some have cried with my songs and singing.

  They have come backstage to see me at concert halls and jazz clubs, and I have so many presents and gifts- which I keep and cherish. I have also had probably thousands of photographs taken with people and have autographed peoples` shirts and arms with felt pens!

  I love Japanese people because they are so warm, friendly, good fan and they have such humility and dignity.

  You know I nearly came to live in Kobe. But I decided that if I lived there Japanese people would no longer think it was special for me to appear, compared with if I visited once or twice a year.

  I have been a professional singer all my adult life, for now over thirty-five years, and it has not always been easy because of the changing fashion and tastes in music over that time. I have tried to record different kinds of material and music genres, because I like many kinds of music too, and I am very glad that, generally, the Japanese public seems to have liked what I have done.

  I have been a recording artiste with JVC Victor Entertainment since 1979 and am very proud that I am contracted to them into the next century.

  I hope that in this short message I have been able to convey a little of my true affections and my gratitude to Japanese people.

  I hope that I will come back many times to perform again in Japan and that people will always feel free to come and see me to say "hello".

  Incidentally, I have my own web-site on

and anyone can e-mail a message to me at any time because I will be delighted to hear from my friends and fans in Japan.

With love Salena

Private Salena 99